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26th Toward Harmony With Nature Conference was held January 28th

Thank you to everyone who joined us this year. We hope to see you again next year!

The keynote by Dr. Stanley A. Temple highlighted Aldo Leopold’s concept of “land health” as a central goal of a “land ethic” which provides a moral compass for living sustainably on Planet Earth. Leopold regarded ecological resilience as one of the pillars of land health.

Dr. Stanley Temple is Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison and Senior Fellow, Aldo Leopold Foundation Nelson ​Institute for Environmental Studies.

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New Native Plant Classes!

Are you interested in learning more about native plants? We have hired a great team of professionals to teach native ecology classes on everything from botany to landscaping to insects and uses of native plants!  Find out more here!  Download the flyer here!


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Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to increase biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities.  Wild Ones is a not-for-profit environmental education and advocacy organization.

Please join the mapping project by answering the questions about your property. Photos would be great, but are not necessary.  Specific species information is optional.

Since our Chapter’s beginning in 1994, Wild Ones Fox Valley Area (WOFVA) continues to celebrate and promote the use of native plants in home and civic landscaping.  We lead the natural landscaping movement in exploring, teaching, and changing the practice of gardening to include the use of  native plants.  Join us in helping to restore our natural world.

National Wild One headquarters is located at the WILD Center, in the heart of the Fox Valley.


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Outagamie County Master Gardener Association
Paper Valley Garden Club
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We also sponsor an education grant program, Natural Landscapes for Tomorrow.

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Shannon-Davis Foust – President & Conference Co-Chair

Shannon has her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from UW-Milwaukee and has widespread interests in native and invasive species, habitat restoration, and reconnecting people with nature.  She presently teaches courses at UW Oshkosh in Biology and Environmental Studies, is an Affiliate of the Sustainability Institute of Regional Transformations organizing outreach events on environmental topics, and advises the Student Environmental Action Coalition and Sustainable Beekeeping Club.

Stef Losse – Vice President

Stephanie has been active in organic farming and horticulture for over ten years. She works in urban forestry and  landscaping, and is a longtime advocate for wildlife conservation in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. She has an AAS in Sustainable Horticulture and is currently working toward a degree in Biology with emphasis in ecology and Environmental Education. Her goal is to educate others on the importance of ecologically-sustainable and native-friendly practices. 

Ron Jones – Treasurer & Grants Chair

I’ve worked as a forester for the past 46 years, 34 years with the Wis DNR and the past 12 years as a parttime consulting forester. As a forester, I have observed the vital role of native plants in the forest ecosystem, and it has been alarming to witness invasive plants slowly invading the local natural landscape over the past 20 years. I’m glad to be helping the Chapter with Wild One’s mission of educating and spreading the word about the vital importance of native plants in providing ecosystem services both in our rural and urban landscape.

Deb Benada – Secretary

My husband, Robert, and I have been learning about native plants for the last 20 years and have installed native landscaping around our homes in California and Wisconsin – Waupaca and Neenah. I really enjoy the camaraderie, education and inspiration of Wild Ones.

Robert Benada – Newsletter Editor & Speaker’s Bureau Chair

My wife, Deb, and I fell in love with landscaping with natives in California in 1983 and have enjoyed that journey with each place we’ve moved.  It is a joy to see how they thrive in the right conditions and how they attract birds and pollinators.  We’ve really learned much more since joining the Board and editing our chapter’s newsletter and EBlast. through working with fellow members.

Mary Swifka

Mary Swifka – Program Chair

I joined the WOFVA board in 2020 and serve as the program committee chair.
I worked as an environmental educator for more than 35 years before retiring in 2022. During that time, I found Wild Ones to be a valuable source of information and resources to further the mission of my organization. As a person who has a desire to transform our semi-urban yard into a native habitat for wildlife, belonging to Wild Ones was a no-brainer.
When we bought our house in 1990, the yard was a typical lawn and lilacs type of area. My original plan to have a prairie planting in the backyard has had to be amended as our trees are 30 years older and 30 years larger. So we’ve pivoted to planting more shade-tolerant species.
Although we still mow, the scrawny lilac is still standing and we don’t think we’ll ever get control of the dame’s rocket or buckthorn, I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. If we can keep the rabbits from girdling the hazelnut, and what’s left of the big box elder from falling on our fire pit, we might just keep on doing this for a while.

Janet Carlson – Publicity Chair

I first got inspired to convert my garden to native plants after attending my first conference several years ago.  My small yard is now surrounded by native gardens and has attracted multiple birds for our enjoyment.  I also joined the Master Gardener program in order to expand my knowledge on other aspects of gardening.

Kate Trnka – Conference Chair

Kate Trnka is the Co-Chair of the Wild Ones Toward Harmony with Nature Conference this year. She has served as the Lead Ambassador for the Environment Sector of the Charter for Compassion and as the Coordinator of the Charter’s Global Read Program.

Kate is a writer, educator, and small business owner. She has also begun leading workshops around her latest creation, Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindful Re-Connecting With Nature Activity Cards which provide nature inspired activities connecting us to our 54 natural senses/sensitivities.

 She is the founder of The Sacred Earth Institute – a place that teaches people how to return to well-being by reconnecting with the natural world. Kate has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education and is now enjoying semi-retirement after her 26-year career as a public school teacher.

Paula Knier – Display Chair

My love for all things wild comes from my family: from walks in the woods with my parents to my grandmothers’ love of growing anything, with a multitude of furry creatures around their feet. My husband already had a home when we married. The yard was sparse. The previous owner loved tulips and spring flowers that floundered among the weeds. It had been some years since I had played in the dirt, so I started with the weeds. Imagine my surprise at the moisture I found, along with a disgruntled toad. I realized my folly too late as I had destroyed a thriving eco system. Ever since that time, I have been striving to make our yard an oasis for all living things. In my search for native plant knowledge, I stumbled across Wild Ones Fox Valley Area website. I’m honored to be supporting an organization that has already taught me so much.

Sue Forbes

Sue Forbes – Mentoring Chair

I am the current Mentoring Chair for Wild Ones Fox Valley Area Chapter. I am a charter member of the chapter, the first treasurer of the chapter and the conference, Towards Harmony With Nature, and a lifetime member of Wild Ones. My interest in natives began in childhood as my mom and my uncle would give “guided” hikes while camping. I still enjoy walking in the woods and fields and observing the beauty of nature. Now that I am retired, I am able to enjoy other pursuits such as gardening, reading, cooking, and travel.

Donna VanBuecken – Plant Rescue Chair & Plant Sale Chair

Donna VanBuecken retired in 2015 after 17 years as Wild Ones first Executive Director, and continues to actively promote native landscaping and invasive species management through her blog Accent on Natural Landscaping (Accentnatural.com) until 2022. She and her husband John have native landscaping throughout their 1-1/3ac homestead in Town of Grand Chute and 80 acres of hunting property in Shawano County. She was a founding member of IPAW.

Mel Mohr – Web Chair

Mel currently works in Fisheries Management for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. She has a passion for the ecology of our world and finding solutions for a proper synergistic relationship with our human-centric living. She does have many passions. She is an orca lover, a bird-nerd, an urban farmer, and now diving into the plant identification world. She has a Bachelor’s in Biology and Environmental Studies from UW Oshkosh.