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Native Trees Feed Caterpillars that Feed Birds

Wild for Monarchs and Pollinators

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How to design gardens that fit weed ordinances:

How to Native Landscape Without Aggravating Neighbors & Village Officials

May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers – Bret Rappaport

You Don’t Have to Fight City Hall – Bret Rappaport

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Newly revised to include a wider variety of native landscaping ecoregions, this comprehensive guidebook continues the tradition of how-to information, along with a newly developed list of book resources. You can order a copy for just $10 (includes shipping and handling) at our Wild Ones Store. Wild Ones Landscaping with Native Plants is also available on-line at Environmental Protection Agency web site.

Doug Tallamy Presentations on DVD – $10.00

Toward Harmony with Nature 2014, Native Plants, Natural Landscapes

Part 1: The Value of Having Native Plants in our Yards

Part 2: Creating Healthy, Biodiverse Neighborhood Corridors

 We now have Doug Tallamy’s (award winning author of Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens) most recent presentations available for you on DVD.  Filmed with a live audience during the January Wild Ones Fox Valley Area Toward Harmony with Nature Conference, the presentations are in two parts.   Part 1: The Value of Having Native Plants in our Yards (approx. 1 hr.) and Part 2: Creating Healthy, Biodiverse Neighborhood Corridors (1-1/4 hr. plus Q&A) along with the added bonus of the Wild Ones song written and sung by folksinger Steve Hazell (Intro & song approx. 1/4 hr.).

The Doug Tallamy DVD is available for purchase.  Contact: [email protected]