*Paid Class* A Look at Native Plant Form and Function

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UW Stevens Point
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Instructor: Dr. Paul Whitaker
Format: Blended, 3-part class
Dates/Times: Virtual Monday Sept 9 7-8 pm, virtual Monday Sept 16, 7-8 pm, and in person Saturday Sept 21 12-4 pm
Location: UWSP
Core Course (6 hours)

Description: A plant’s structure is intimately intertwined with its functions, including photosynthesis, water movement, absorption and cycling of nutrients, growth, and reproduction. The two virtual sessions will present an overview of the basic structure of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds and the roles of these organs in essential plant functions. Our in-person session will consist entirely of hands-on study of plant structures, emphasizing that the diverse forms of each organ are just variations of a basic structure that has important jobs to do. Recommended resource: Botany Primer, Understanding Botany for Nature’s Notebook, USA-NPN.

An email with specific details will be sent to you approximately 2-5 days before the first day of the course.

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